Drago - Release Notes

Version 3.02.02
  • Filename is not displayed in tab caption when saving a new file (bug introduced in 3.02).

Version 3.02.01

Version 3.02
  • No more default filename when saving as from folder or db.
  • Saving as from folder or db opens new tab.
  • Save as available from Game information view and thumbnail view.
  • 2007/11/28 patch: update Slovak translation.
  • Crash at end of engine game under Vista.
  • Area counting doesn't take handicap into account.
  • Possible crash with 1-handicap and Suggest move outside game.
  • Suggest move should not be available outside game with MoGo.
  • Strange things when playing a suggested move while showing variations as alternate moves and not in engine mode.
  • Alt-Left-Click starts to draw a rectangle.

Version 3.01
  • Some modifications to play with MoGo.
  • Area counting added.
  • 2007/10/02 patch: update Russian translation.

Version 3.00.04
  • An error may occur when exporting to RTF or printing some files (thanks Alain).
  • Exporting or previewing to RTF very big files (kogo) may cause some resource errors.

Version 3.00.03
  • When selecting a position to export, clicking in the coordinate area and draggging to the center can launch an exception (thanks Chinmay).
  • Games with long property names are not displayed in a database (thanks Chris).

Version 3.00.02
  • Adding files to an existing database was not possible (thanks PhK).

Version 3.00.01
  • Problem when installing without uninstalling on a version previous to 2.20.

Version 3.00
  • LibKombilo
  • Game information preview and thumbnail preview open in tabs.
  • Opening a sgf file outside Drago (e.g. by double clicking in Windows Explorer or a browser) creates a new tab, not a new window.
  • Add specific sound for engine moves.
  • All commands are now disabled when setting free handicap stones. This is cleaner and corrects a crash when trying to close the current tab when setting the handicap stones.
  • Crash when inserting a button already in a toolbar.
  • Some board grids were not visible when exporting to PDF.
  • Flag for coordinates missing when exporting to SL.
  • Incorrect English wording for game results.


Version 2.21
  • Hungarian translation
  • Drago is compiled with the English version of Delphi 7. At least, this has as a consequence to display all error messages in English. This could help also to fix some problem reported with the decimal separator.
  • Komi combobox in New dialog becomes enabled when creating a file or game.
  • Force open folder dialog to open as modal.
  • Better display of large background images in the Export position dialog.

Hungarian translation

Version 2.20.01
  • Add a tag in format of caption when printing to specify next player (\player)
  • Remove a new line when starting each event when printing.

Version 2.20
  • Configurable and floating tool bars.
  • Dialog to configure shortcuts.
  • Autoreplay mode.
  • Extended move commands.
  • Extended stone setup command: optional "setup, swap color, remove" click sequence and right click to setup stones of the opposite color.
  • Handling of folders as multigame files.
  • Ctrl-click on a stone returns to the position of the stone.
  • Read only mode.
  • Optional tab close buttons.
  • Selection of light source (left or right).
  • Optional sound for illegal move.
  • Commands for toggling coordinates and move markers.
  • New handling of translations.
  • View tab in option dialog is split into View and Panels tabs.
  • Some changes in menu captions.
  • Only one shortcut to set up a stone or a markup on goban with keyboard (Return).
  • Warning for illegal moves becomes optional.
  • New layout for sound tab in option dialog.
  • Much faster when closing option dialog under W2000.
  • Crash when appending to an unexisting file.
  • Creating a sibling move with Ctrl-click doesn't erase the current move.
  • Problem with editing markup properties with already several occurrences in the current node.

Version 2.12
  • Slovak translation.
  • "Cancel" replaced by "Close" in Print and Export position dialogs (Tim :).
  • Text label markups are incorrectly printed on empty intersections.

Slovak translation

Version 2.11
  • Display of text on ghost stones is improved.
  • Display of text on empty intersections preserves the background.
  • Display of ghost stones is improved.
  • Active links on about form.
  • New URL in about form.
  • Down arrow for the game edit toolbar button.
  • Sub menus for game edit comands.
  • Game Info button in Index window shows always game information from current game in main window (since tabs).
  • Problems when modifying game information from index.
  • When jumping to a move with goto command or tree view, time left is not updated for the color before the selected move.


Version 2.10
  • Export games to PDF and MS Word.
  • New look for the export format dialog.
  • Paper size and orientation selection in export format dialog.
  • One figure every markup or comment mode available when printing or exporting.
  • Export flatten position to SGF.
  • Diameter of stones can be selected when exporting positions.
  • Sound for stone placement.
  • Better handling of some game engines.
  • When displaying and displaying move numbers with 2 characters, numbers are now always displayed with 2 characters ("101" gives "01" not "1").
  • Memory leak when exporting to GIF with more than 256 colors.
  • Crash when resizing to the lowest size with an inactive tab with the vertical split bar on the left side.
  • Maximize state is not restored. If closed in maximized state, main window is restored in normal state, but split bars are restored with their maximized coordinates.


Version 2.00.01
  • When a GTP engine doesn't handle the Undo command, the Undo toolbar button is still enabled (if Undo is allowed). If the button is pressed, the game is aborted.
Version 2.00
  • Tabbed interface.
  • XP themes support.
  • Goban background accepts also GIF and PNG images.
  • Coordinate border background can be set independantly of goban background.
  • Game tree background can be set independantly of goban background.
  • Window background can be configured.
  • Graphic index can be configured.
  • Size of font in comments can be configured.
  • Color of text panels can be configured.
  • Undo is now allowed: never, always or only after capture.
  • Option to enable or disable places bar in open save dialogs.
  • Options to display hoshis and board edges as thick lines.
  • Command to suggest next move.
  • New option dialog look.
  • Increase in speed of graphic index display.
  • No more default color for goban background (was 12632256)
  • Number of characters in move numbers shifts to Options/Moves.
  • Two different values are stored for Goto Move and Goto Game commands.
  • Strange things after quitting a GNU Go game started from "Current position": "Save" command is not enabled, "Save as" saves an empty game, "Append to" crashes.
  • During engine game, with undo disabled, Ctrl-Z still allows a single move undo.
  • Ctrl-clicking on goban to swap between variations does not update the move pointer in game tree.
  • Adding a stone (AB, AW) in the middle or the end of a sequence hides the previous move on goban.
  • Game engine aborts when undoing a move at starting position.
  • During free handicap setting, menus and tool buttons should be disabled.
  • After cancelling free handicap setting, it is impossible to add stones with dragging.
  • Input of game or move numbers in goto commands are not protected.
Tabbed interface
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