Drago - Release Notes

Version 4.33
  • Add Half Letter format for printing and exporting.


Version 4.32
  • Update Korean translation (thanks a lot to Jaeho Choi).
  • Fix interface translation on extended character configuration (thanks a lot to Jaeho Choi and Shaurong for reporting this).


Version 4.31
  • Add KataGo to predefined engine settings.
  • Fix shortcut translation in pop-up menus. Thanks to Robert Pauli for reporting.


Version 4.30
  • Italian translations of interface and help file are included in installers.
  • When installing with the standard installer, application settings are stored in user local data. This is more standard and avoid problems when not running as administrator. When installing with the portable installer, application settings remain in the install directory.
  • The layout of Print preview and RTF preview is fixed.
  • Lot of problems when using data or resources from unicode directories are fixed.


Version 4.23
  • Finnish translation. Thanks a lot to Mika Kaakinen.

Finnish translation

Version 4.22.03
  • Set three stone handicap in correct position. Thanks to Kan Yabumoto.
  • Fix move numbering at end of engine game. Move numbers were incremented by 1. Thanks to Gerhard Suttner.
  • Fix window drifting when repeating starting and closing program. Thanks to Marcel Vanthoor.
  • Fix typo in help file. Thanks to Xinming Simon Guo.
  • Improve Spanish translation. Thanks to S. C. Chase.


Version 4.22.02
  • Fix crash on make main branch command.


Version 4.22.01
  • Translation and texture files were not found when opening a sgf file with double click from Windows explorer.


Version 4.22
  • Option to display several move numbers on board.
  • Command to delete a game in a multi game sgf file.
  • Commands to move variations forward or backward in the variation list.
  • Coordinates are updated with view transform commands.
  • Fix error when changing size in ExportPosition dialog.
  • Avoid dragging setup stones and creating unexpected behavior.
  • Display correct node properties (including goban size if lower than 19) when moves are mixed with setup stones at root node.
  • It is now possible to edit comments with extended character sets.


Version 4.21
  • Full screen mode.
  • Empty node creation.
  • Engine only timing mode.
  • Change default board background.
  • When starting a game, entering komi may use '.' or ',' as decimal separator.
  • It was not possible to disable some warnings.
  • Game tree pane was not updated when inserting pass move.


Version 4.20
  • One click patterndisplay of stones.
  • User defined stones (PNG format, sente.goban stones included).
  • Advanced option added to store paths relatively to install folder.
  • Arabic translation.
  • Support for pachi game engine.
  • Remove board thumbnail in pattern search mode.
  • Keeps sizes of side bar panes proportional when closing one of them.
  • Removes support for old PDF lib (PowerPDF).
  • Avoid truncating some strings in Game information search box.
  • Fix read only mode.
  • Territory marks not displayed when exporting to PDF.


Version 4.12
  • After loading a folder, editing and saving a file is incorrectly handled.


Version 4.11
  • Update Hungarian translation.
  • Command line handles multi parameters and accepts database and folder parameters.
  • Explorer drag-and-drop handles multi parameters and accepts database and folder parameters.
  • Opening a file by clicking in Explorer opens also latest files.
  • Display glitch in remove property window when using 120 dpi fonts (evgeny).
  • Scoring does not work after opening and closing several instances.
  • Group status messages are incorrectly displayed in utf-8.


Version 4.10
  • Generation of move trees (fuseki trees).
  • Clipboard open and save commands.
  • Option to replay game from current position.
  • Option to minimize to tray.
  • Folders and databases are handled in favorites.
  • Color dialogs save custom colors.
  • Better handling of read errors when loading folder.
  • Increase speed when showing game information search panel in database search window.
  • Slight changes in database search window display.
  • Error with figure property on last move of variant (Fabian).
  • Handling of loadsgf existence for SuggestMove. Led to error with MoGo (Peter).
  • Crash on last move in autoreplay mode (Danut).
  • In database search mode, the pattern rectangle is sometimes not erased.
  • Better working with Fuego in some cases has been reported.
  • Time selection boxes (total time and time per move) may be hidden by a scrollbar with some screen settings (Vladimir).
  • Database search window is incorrecly resized with some screen settings.
  • In game information pane in sidebar: strings are not displayed on maximum size, focus rectangle is drawn when pane is clicked.
  • For those who have downloaded the last beta release (beta 3): the only difference with the final release is that some translation files are updated. Thanks for testing the beta.


Version 4.01
  • Small change when saving to avoid separating a property name and a long property value by a carriage return.
  • Crash when using the delete branch command on starting position (thanks Jacques).


Version 4.00
  • Dockable, floatable, configurable sidebar.
  • Game information panel in sidebar (with player images).
  • Several game engines may be configured.
  • Game engines are predefined.
  • Engine games use timing.
  • Guess mode may have unlimited number of attempts.
  • Problem mode may specify a ratio of previously incorrectly solved problems.
  • Make main branch command in edit menu.
  • Remove properties command in edit menu.
  • Reload current file command added to tab popup menu.
  • Properties for byo-yomi stones are handled in display mode.
  • Text panel color setting removed.
  • "Use old lib" removed from PDF advanced options, but still available in inifile.
  • Sequence of clicks in edit mode option goes to advanced settings.
  • Warnings reset go to advanced settings.
  • In game tree, ellipsis are no more displayed if there is only a timing property at node.
  • Updown in replay dialog does not work.
  • Move numbers are not erased after hint in problem mode (thanks to Fabian).
  • Tabs are close on mouse down, not on mouse up.
  • Strange behavior when more than 32 tabs opened (thanks to Danut).
  • After merging files, the name of the temporary files appears after moving to next game (thanks to Danut).
  • After merging files and moving to next game, it is impossible to Save as collection (thanks to Danut).
  • Switching between tabs when the export position window is open may cause an error (thanks to Danut).
  • When running just after installation, the install window is still visible in task bar (thanks to Tim and Danut).


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