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You will find easily a lot of links related to Go. Only general links or links offering resources well adapted to Drago are listed here.


Where to find problems?

There are not so many sites offering problem collections:

  • mainly uliGo, where some of the collections of Drago installation have been found. It offers also classical problem collections and the uliGo program to solve problems.
  • GoProblems enabling to solve and add problems online, and enabling to download the complete collection.
  • GoCollections enabling to share problem collections proposed by the site users
  • See also the link page of the British Go Association

You can also subscribe to the Tsumego mailing list to receive each week Life&Death problems of all levels, proposed by Fan Hui, 2p, strongest rated player living in Europe.


Where to find games?

Game collections are easier to find:


Other resources

Here are the links to two very useful SGF files:


Online and offline databases

Games of Go On Disk (aka GoGoD) offers on CD a huge collection of pro games (almost 50 000), but also an inexhaustible encyclopedia related to Go.

Go4Go where you can subscribe to get their whole game collection, plus weekly updates. Go4Go offers also to download freely single games. Very recent games are available with day by day updates.

GoBase is another great only resource, although the subscription is not free anymore.


More links and resources

If you don't know them yet, the following sites will give you the most efficient starting points to find any resource related to Go:

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